The Soul


Welcome to The Soul Herd– a place of sanctuary, self-discovery and transformative connections between horses and people.

Connecting with horses, nature and the self

The Soul Herd offers a bespoke personalised programmmes for individuals or groups who are looking for therapeutic personal journeys with horses. Our Equine Facilitated Learning programmes and workshop-days offer a platform of self-discovery and personal development by connecting with horses, nature and the self.  


Being in the presence, and partnering with these beautiful beings, we are able to connect with our authentic self, allowing us to overcome barriers, tackle life’s challenges or instigate change.  Are you ready to meet the herd?


What they say about us


“The horses have accepted me as a herd member, they stand alongside me - what an honour that is - it is utterly beautiful to be accepted as part of the herd”


“Just being in an open space, hearing the birds and siting with the herd is truly transforming. My heart feels at peace when I am here”


"I have paid for many talking therapies - but this programme exceeded my expectations"


"My EFL programme helped me to make huge changes in my life - the sessions gave me a voice and gave me the courage to lead myself forward"


"Having equine therpay was unlike anything I have ever done. Very highly recommended"

Ready to take the next step?

Come along and meet the herd for a free WALK & TALK session to see if we can be of help to you, and to ask any questions you may have.  

We offer a FREE telephone call to outline what we offer and for a no-obligation quote.